Do you have a good idea or contribution to help the poor?

In this page people who have idea will provide their idea and desire and who have money will execute those ideas and desire to help the poor and deprived people around us. Some may have good ideas, but they may not have money. Whereas some others may have enough money and desire to help people but may not have the best ideas. This page will Marge the ideas and practical execution together to help the humanity. Lets share your idea and let others to execute it or get idea from others and execute it around you. Our joint effort can save 1000s of life, may bring smile to thousands of poor and deprived people around us. Lets Join this good cause and invite your friends to join

Disclaimer:By filling this form you agree to our terms and policy. We reserve the absolute discretion to deny any application, we reserve the rights to cancel, withdraw, and change the program anytime. If your form is rejected we will have no further liability or obligation to you.

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This is an initiative by IIMAC Nonprofit.

If you are interested to Volunteer please feel free to contact us, We will be happy to hear from you.

Note: This program is free to join.