The forgotten

The kindness

Give in kindness to the poor..


Do you know that we watch documentaries and listen to tragic news of what the poor,weak and sick victims are going through and the  terrible disasters happening around the world?,  but sadly right after the news is over we often forget what we have just watched and never give it a second thought and so these victims are  forgotten.

Let’s remember the forgotten victims who are going through tough situations through support and kind donation or volunteering services. Many have died because no one remembered them .The poor are forgotten or driven away from their homes, shacks, sleeping corners in the streets, under trees, in the dump, behind our homes, you find them every where, surely they took to the streets to beg because they had to survive just like you and I. These people are human being like you and I therefore we should not turn our back’s on them, let us unite here under ONE umbrella of  peace and unity through Women Care Group101 Love Community and give these victims  in kindness . Some who are in the streets later succeed on their own from selling junks they picked from the streets while others are unlucky because in some cases some of them stinks from skin sores and infections and lack of proper hygiene these keeps people away from coming closer to them. You see they are irreproachable, these victims are stuck with something even them detest but because they had no cure or means of cure they stay that way. Often some may not  survive from lack of food and care. Most people who find beggars irritating often end up hauling harmful objects towards the beggars in efforts to drive them either out of their business premises or homes  in this case the poor are oppressed and the weak are put down.

We can not save all, but together we can do more goals with very little effort.

Will you like to donate now ? Go to our Donate page and follow the instruction or chose the best convenient way that suits you and make your donation.  If you wish to volunteer you can contact us by mail .

Please note that due to the overwhelming mails we receive every day we may not be able to reply your mail immediately as we are short-staffed at the moment.

If you are reading this and you have an encouraging story to tell others who might be going through the same pain please go to our comment box and write your story for others to read and get encouraged. If you prefer to write us and tell us about it then feel free to write

Thank you as you do so.


One thought on “The forgotten

  1. Hello guest ,
    Welcome to Women Care Group101 WordPress Blog we are glad to have you here, feel free to drop us a comment or request we will be happy to reply. Did you plan to set up your own charity some time soon you might want to consider working with us if you plan to work in Asia or Africa. Contact us for more details on setting up your own charity.

    Have a nice day and enjoy your reading..
    Wcg101non profit team.

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