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Women Care Group101 Non Profit Christian organization working with the love and teachings of Christ and we are focused on achieving United Nation Millennium Development Goal by promoting gender equality and empowering women which will contribute to achieving all the other goals, from reducing poverty and hunger to saving children’s lives, improving maternal health, ensuring universal education, combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, and ensuring environmental sustainability.

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In this page people who have idea will provide their idea and desire and who have money will execute those ideas and desire to help the poor and deprived people around us. Some may have good ideas, but they may not have money. Whereas some others may have enough money and desire to help people but may not have the best ideas. This page will Marge the ideas and practical execution together to help the humanity. Lets share your idea and let others to execute it or get idea from others and execute it around you. Our joint effort can save 1000s of life, may bring smile to thousands of poor and deprived people around us. Lets Join this good cause and invite your friends to join

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Bear in mind they are real and  should you ...
 Our mission involvescreating a group that can be a safe gathering place for the broken heart people,to come and experience the grace and forgiveness of God. Broken Heart Christian Family is for those who wish to find healing for the things that have hurt andwounded their souls. Especially those who are in terrible shapes that seeks forwhere they can belong and those who question their belief due to series offailures. We help to nurture and encourage our member’s faith by the grace ofthe one true God and in Jesus Christ our savior.
How we work.
We gather in prayers at ourhomes and locations to intercede for our members in prayer and donation whennecessary and by so doing we deposit the Seed of Hope and healing through ourlord Jesus Christ.
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Wcg101 a light to those living in darkness.

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Micheal Obama Let’s Move in Africa. IIMAC & WCG101 empowerment project includes health and nutrition plan at school

Micheal Campaign on healthy food in schools, while in some Poor Countries No Food at all!

Her first lady Micheal Obama

The First Lady Micheal Obama, initiated a better plan for future generations healthy food in America But the majority of  the children attending public schools in Africa still remain under-nutrition,  if only we will have enough food for our children who often go to school empty stomach. We support the Micheal’s Initiative 100% and that’s why we have created our empowerment project for the poor children in Africa/Asia

Micheal Campaign

Let’s Move! is a comprehensive initiative, launched by the First Lady, dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation, so that children born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams.
the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative:
  1. Creating a healthy start for children
  2. Empowering parents and caregivers
  3. Providing healthy food in schools
  4. Improving access to healthy, affordable foods
  5. Increasing physical activity
Let’s move now in  schools
Chating with a kid in school

IIMAC & WCG101 Campaign

Lets give to the poor and educate them with full stomach!

 To create a pave-way for mother and child, good health for child and self reliant for the mother 

To ensure every child benefits from our free education project

To assist in developing and encouraging parents with skills to join our movement to ensure a greater impact and sustainability is achieved

To promote healthy and nutrition in public schools including private

To introduce various courses and programs about safe and healthy choices of life.

To promote healthy water and food at schools
IIMAC children at school after a healthy Lunch.

Lets give to the poor and educate them with full stomach!


Majority of public schools inNigeria don’t give children healthy food , thereby inducing malnutrition, nowposing a serious threat to education, particularly in developing countries,including Nigeria. Malnutrition causes poor growth in children, leading toimpaired mental development, poor scholastic and intellectual development.

A report by the UnitedNations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), describes these effects as the most seriouslong-term results of malnutrition.

Although several organizationsworldwide, governmental and private, have made efforts to combat and stopmalnutrition, not much have been achieved in this direction.

Malnutrition is caused by adeficiency in the intake of nutrients by the cells of the body. A combinationof two factors can be responsible.

These are: (i)insufficient intake of proteins, calories, vitamins, and minerals, (ii)frequent infections. Sickness like measles, malaria, diarrhea (frequentstooling) and respiratory disorder cause loss of nutrients in the body. 
Theyreduce appetite and food intake, contributing invariably to malnutrition.

Children suffermalnutrition most because they are in a period of rapid growth that increasesthe demand for calories and proteins.

UNICEF said that a deficiencyof vitamin A affects over 100 million small children in the world and causesblindness. It also weakens the immune system, making them vulnerable toinfections. For children who survive malnutrition, the consequences can followinto adulthood.

“The depletion of humanintelligence on such a scale – for reasons that are almost entirely preventableis a profligate, even criminal, waste,” UNICEF stated.

It added that, “morethan 3/4 (three quarters) of all the malnutrition-aided deaths are linked notto severe malnutrition but to mild and moderate forms.”

UNICEF submitted in the stateof the world’s children thus. “It is implicated inmore than half of all child deaths worldwide-a proportion unmatched by anyinfectious disease since the Black Death. Yet, it is not an infectious disease.It ravages extend to the millions of survivors who are left crippled,chronically vulnerable to illness, and intellectually disabled. It imperilswomen, families and, ultimately the viability of whole societies.” Malnutrition is linked to avariety of illnesses – from under-nourishment as a result of lack of one ormore nutrient – such as Vitamin and mineral deficiencies to obesity and otherdiet-related diseases. Regarded as by far the most lethal form of malnutritionis Protein – Energy Malnutrition (PEM).

The World Health Organizationcalled PEM “the silent emergency” whose major victims are children ofschool age. It declared that PEM “is an accomplice in at least half of the10.4 million child deaths each year.”

Furthermore, malnutrition issaid to cast long shadows, affecting close to 800 million people – 20% of allpeople in the developing countries. In other words, 1 out of every 8 people inthe world suffers from malnutrition.

Ordinarily, malnutrition isthe lack of food. But at the centre of it all is poverty, which affects about80% of Nigerian population, weakening productivity and capacity of children tolearn properly in school.

In 2004 -Vanguard EducationWeekly investigation showed that, the Lagos state government attempted totackle malnutrition among school children, when it launched a plan to providefree meal for pupils of less-privileged parents who do not enjoy balanced mealsin their homes.

The government said itallocated N1 billion for its free meal programme in all its 913 primaryschools. It was part of the schoolhealth scheme meant to enhance the nutritional intakes of pupils. The firstphase (pilot stage) was to begin with primary one, while pupils of the otherclasses would follow as government expected assistance from international organizationslike, UNICEF and other donor agencies which had shown interest in the scheme.

But the programme seemed notto have taken off the ground, as malnutrition wreaks havoc in the schoolsystem. Most children attend classes with empty stomach, leaving their homeswith little or no food. The proposed free mid-day meal would have been thesaving grace for these undernourished children.

While the Nigerian governmenthas not shown concern for the nutrition of school children in this country, thesituation in neighbouring Ghana can be instructive.

The Ghanaian government hasjust announced a five-year plan to reduce hunger and malnutrition among pupilsin schools across that country. An amount of $347.4 million (three hundred andforty-seven million, four hundred thousand dollars) have been earmarked for theprogramme; which will be in pilot phases. Children will be given one balancedmeal a day for five days.

By this, short-term hungerand malnutrition among children will be reduced.

Except in Nigeria, in manyother countries, government and private organisations have initiated foodsupplementation schemes for school children.Communities can help instemming the devastating tide of malnutrition by providing mid-day meals inschools, provide nutritional education programmes and safe drinking watersupply.Malnutrition has beenidentified as a big problem afflicting developing nations, especially schoolchildren from poor homes.

According to UNICEF, “alack of access to good education and correct information is also a cause ofmalnutrition,” adding: “Without information strategies and better andmore accessible education programmes, the awareness, skills and behavioursneeded to combat malnutrition cannot be developed.”

Lack of food reduces, inturn, a person’s health and ability to get a better education.

While it has been agreed thatthere is more than enough food for all, the problem is that food is neitherproduced nor distributed equitably.

The World Health Organisation(WHO) pointed out that, “all too frequently, the poor in fertiledeveloping countries stand by watching with empty hands – and empty stomachs -while ample harvests and bumper crops are exported for hard cash. Short-termprofits for a few, long-term losses for many.”

A recent study by the Foodand Agriculture Organisation (FAO) showed that the richest fifth of the peopleon the planet eat 45% of all the meat and fish, the poorest fifth get just 5%.As attested by Encyclopedia Britannica, “the provision of an adequate foodsupply and nutritional education to all people, however, remains a crucialproblem.”.

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IIMAC is joining to support free education campaign in Nigeria and Cambodia

 IIMAC Free Education Empower Project along side with Women Care Group101 is now working in Nigeria through it’s free education Programs .In developing countries, overpopulation is considered to be one of the most basic causes of underdevelopment.
IIMAC New free education project in Nigeria West Africa
Third world countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America are now dealing with this acute problem, which tends to nullify most of the efforts to encourage development. Given this situation we are doing our best to join the support of free education in Nigeria and Cambodia by helping the poor kids through feeding , clothing and providing a free education for the poor children from very poor families including scavengers and homeless kids we also teach women since Nigeria and Cambodian women are higly proficient and productive in the fields of business and trading including farming hopefully we will assist them through our fundraising campaign. Please help us achieve this purpose by joining our volunteer teams.

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Free education empowerment program.


           Free education empowerment program. Get involved..

 If you desireto contribute to our society, to help very poor people in little ways thatyou can, thisoffer is meant for you.  Weunderstand that after working in big cities and room with working excellentfacilities like AC and TV etc.. including computer and steady electricity isgoing to be a challenge to work in a community that lacks all of thesefacilities. But remember this challenge is for the benefit of our very poordeprived women and children who urgently need our assistance in education andotherwise, indeed this task is not an easy task at all, however it gives onethe utmost feelings of satisfaction and great pride to be a part ofsome ones dream to become a doctor, nurse, teacher etc.. Most of the childrenare really smart some of them wish to grow up and become teachers so they canalso impact in their communities. 

Our Mission
Our Mission is to establisha medium which will help us completely curb and eradicateillegal migration in women by education women on ways to survive in their homecountry thus playing a role in creating a stronger economy. Illegal ImmigrantMother And Child  is anchored with the United Nation MillenniumDevelopment Goal by promoting women rights, gender equality and empoweringwomen who are poor illegal immigrant which will contribute to achieving all theother goals, from reducing poverty and hunger to saving children’s lives,improving maternal health of illegal women and children ,ensuring freeeducation , combating illegal immigrant of  sex and drug traffickersvictimization, and ensuring environmental sustainability by providing means oflivelihood for the migrants including financial and skilled training supportthat will enable them go back home as established individuals.
Our Vision is to help fight for the rights of refugees andillegal immigrants women and children by providing assistance andby supporting them financially through skill training and educationwe hope to educate and encourage them against migrating illegally and we hopeto rescue women and children who are in danger. IIMAC focus on providing jobsthrough training workshops and eventually help them go back home to establish aself sustainable life.
                                IIMAC Nonprofit Working in Partnership WithWomen Care Group101 Nonprofit

Wcg101 a light to those living in darkness.
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The goal of our research was to gain insight into the daily food and diets intakes and the Health benefits of people living in abject poverty. Women Care Group101 Non-Government Organizations’ (WCG101 Nonprofit) has decided to raise an awareness and a special campaign to support her free education and feeding program. We have shared our opinions toward the value of healthy nutritional food for poor women therefore we are building an innovative food support program which will benefit the poor and achieve our support for the United Nation Millennium Goals for the poor.
Our focus it to develop and educate women about the benefits of certain foods which are cheap and affordable for the poor, and to further demonstrate the need to improve their livelihood by providing and equipping them with our special education/feeding program.

 A Solution to World Hunger?
Eating snails solve the problem of malnutrition in poor communities world wide especially in developing countries like Africa and Asia and other third world countries? Researchers are optimistic that these common mollusks could provide much needed nutrition to people living in developing countries where inexpensive sources of protein are hard to come by. According to a study published in the International Journal of Food Safety, Nutrition and Public Health snails may actually be superior to beef in terms of nutritional value, taste acceptability, and cost.

Is Eating Snails Nutritious?

Snails are surprisingly nutritious – high in protein and low in saturated fat. One ounce of snail has five grams of protein and is an excellent source of essential fatty acids. They’re also a good source of vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin K, magnesium, iron, and selenium.
Eating snails has been a culinary custom for thousands of years and is a delicacy in many Asian countries. In France cooked snails are referred to as escargot and served as a gourmet appetizer. To prepare them, the snails are removed from their shells, cooked, and placed back into shells along with garlic, hot butter, or sauce. They’re then eaten with a special snail fork.  

The Dangers of Eating Snails

Even if this sounds appealing, we also teach our women the the dangers of eating snails or slugs out of your own garden. In Australia, a man was diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis after eating two slugs from his garden. The man survived, but was unable to return to his normal activities for five months after this culinary experience gone awry. Snails and slugs can be infected with a parasite known as A. Cantonensis which can cause a rare form of meningitis called eosinophilic meningitis if ingested. We educate our women to make sure the snails are well boiled. Eating snails is healthy and appealing however we make sure we advice our women to make sure they’re well cooked even so every food we teach how to wash them properly with clean water more especially vegetables which is often the cause of some  virus out breaks which spread through unclean food.Maintaining an overall healthy diet not only offers your body the energy and nutrition that it needs to function, but offers several health benefits as well.Below is a list those foods that are the best for you body, and the health benefits that those foods provide.

Fruits and Vegetables
Health Benefits:
Eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables as an overall healthy diet may:
reduce risk for stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.
reduce risk for type 2 diabetes.
protect against certain cancers, such as mouth, stomach, and colon-rectum cancer.
reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.
help decrease bone loss and reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.

No fruits or vegetables have cholesterol, and most are naturally low in fat and calories.
Vegetables are a great source for potassium, dietary fiber, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C.
Fruits are a great source for nutrients such as potassium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and folic acid.
Diets rich in potassium may help to maintain healthy blood pressure.
Dietary fiber helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease. Fiber is important for proper bowel function. Fiber-containing foods such as vegetables help provide a feeling of fullness with fewer calories.
Folic acid (folate) helps the body form red blood cells. Women of childbearing age who may become pregnant and those in the first trimester of pregnancy should consume adequate folic acid, including folic acid from fortified foods or supplements.
Vitamin A keeps eyes and skin healthy and helps to protect against infections.
Vitamin E helps protect vitamin A and essential fatty acids from cell oxidation.
Vitamin C helps heal cuts and wounds and keeps teeth and gums healthy.
Vitamin C also aids in iron absorption.

Whole Grains:
Grains, especially whole grains, provide several health benefits. Grains provide essential nutrients and helps reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Health Benefits:
Eating a diet high in grains, especially whole grains, as an overall healthy diet may …
help with weight management.
reduce constipation.
reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

Grains provide many nutrients such as dietary fiber, B vitamins and minerals.
Dietary fiber may help reduce blood cholesterol levels and lower risk of heart disease.
B vitamins are essential for your metabolism by helping your body release energy from protein, fat and carbohydrates.
Folic acid helps the body form blood cells and is especially important for women of childbearing age who may become pregnant.
Magnesium from whole grains helps build bones and release energy from muscles.

Bone Protection:
French researchers found that a flavanoid called phloridzin that is found only in apples may protect post-menopausal women from osteoporosis and may also increase bone density. Boron, another ingredient in apples, also strengthens bones.

Asthma Help:
One recent study shows that children with asthma who drank apple juice on a daily basis suffered from less wheezing than children who drank apple juice only once per month. Another study showed that children born to women who eat a lot of apples during pregnancy have lower rates of asthma than children whose mothers ate few apples.

Diabetes Management:
The pectin in apples supplies galacturonic acid to the body which lowers the body’s need for insulin and may help in the management of diabetes.

Breast Cancer Prevention:
A Cornell University study found that rats who ate one apple per day reduced their risk of breast cancer by 17 percent. Rats fed three apples per day reduced their risk by 39 percent and those fed six apples per day reduced their risk by 44 percent.

Do you wish to help us?:
We hope to engage audience and people of special interest to help the needy through our video and daily news feeds online our phone lines are open for any special request and donation plans, we also encourage volunteers to join us if you have any question about this program please contact us.

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My objective is to raise awareness about the lack of basic necessities that my organization lack in other to enable me run the organization effectively as I set out to do. Although we are poorly funded thus making our concentrations limited, even so we still try as much as possible to encourage sponsors and volunteers to join us so that our care mission will reach and save as many lives as much as possible. recently we have just received a case from woman who has been unjustly ejected from her home and a HIV patient who need to find a soul mate even if she is HIV POSITIVE. keep in touch for the full story in our next article.
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How Violence Affects Women And Children

Its time for to come together and make peace join wcg101 

Women Care Group101 Up Coming Project For 2011-2012
 Rising above the ethics of war to defend the helpless Women and Children victims, of riots and Violence Worldwide.
WCG101 Innovative strategies and plans to avoid violence-riots and support for the victims of riots/violence especially women and children Worldwide.

WCG101: Understanding Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge, Networks and Unity.
The project was undertaken as an attempt to understand the effects of riots on women and children. In my research I have noticed through a thorough research I have conducted, of the after effects riots or violence have on women and children worldwide. Riots/violence is the state whereby men and women including youths take to the streets to protest for a course/injustice, health issues, jobs , political or monetary issues etc.. However the after effects of the crimes committed during the protest against humanity and life are often ignored, and this has affected thousands of families.
The victims are mostly women and children:
 The worst victims, as always are women and children. For so many years not one riot has has happened without women and children being the ones mostly affected. Since my Study several families who lost their loved ones where never compensated. This is a wake up call for all of us to address the needs for a stabilized society and find the best way to organize a peaceful demonstration if there be need for a demonstration, as we all know who will pay the most price, our women and children of course!. 

About The Children:
The effect on tender psyche of children needs to be analyzed and understood, and constructive steps need to be taken. Imagine allowing a child watches his/her parent beaten to death what other horrible society are we encouraging?. The effect this type of trauma on a child could last for generations.
We Can Change The Way We Do Things:
We can change the way we do things for the future of our children and learn more peaceful ways to solve our problems without violence. This massage I hope shall help us think deep and find a suitable solution on how to curb riots and demonstrations by enforcing a more stronger law, self control, and deeper understanding of what our society are seeking for and creating a more peaceful and diplomatic opportunities for our leaders to come together and attend to the people’s needs without crushing them or agitating the people  including the society at large.
Are we really marching for our rights?
We the people should understand the implications of marching the streets and destroying government buildings, embassies, churches, mosques, we should all know that such act  is wrong both morally and otherwise. Naturally any government will resolve to use any means necessary to calm the onslaught but in this case we must always remember that women pay the most most price often by loosing their children or even their own life’s.  We must consider the implications on our women and future generations before we make rash decisions. The horrors I have witnessed in the past has made me decide to seek for a forum whereby we all will come and fight for peace .

I am moved and disturbed after seeing so many documentaries about victims of riots, and have wanted to seek a direct contact with the  women and children the riots had affected to understand the kind of effect riots had on them. Such effects could have impacted their thinking, their creativity, their desires and their outlook towards life. I am planning on setting up a meeting with the women and children who has been victims of street violence/ riots and get a first hand experience and observation of such effects it has on them and their children.
This is the Affects Riots/violence has On Women and Children:
Children and Women are the worst victims of any disaster, especially if it is man made. Due to them being physically weaker, they end up being soft targets of crime against humanity. The children suffer in many ways. Not only they are orphaned or physically maimed, they end up being witness to the most horrendous crimes and scenes that leaves a very deep psychic wound in them. Such wounds don’t heal easily.
 Kano Riots (1992), Jos Riots Nigerian (2010) changed the lives of thousands of children. Many of them lost their parents and relatives, and the worst aspect was that they saw them being murdered, maimed, raped and burnt before their eyes. Even a full grown adult male would be disturbed and traumatized after seeing such scenes. The effect on a tender psyche of a child is unimaginable.
The project was undertaken as an attempt to understand the effects of riots on women and children, and find ways to reach out and help the victims this requires researches millions of dollars and physical actions e.g. volunteers and physiological doctors must be employed to help us decided the best ways to cure or at least help the victims..
Previous studies and observations:
 There have been some studies, both medical and sociological, on children who were victims of the riots. Most of the children were found to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which causes problems like irritability, sadness, fear, sleep disturbances, difficulties in concentrating and feelings of guilt.
  What Is PTSD In children, Adolescents And women Affected By The Riots:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a prolonged, pathologic anxiety that may     occur following a severe trauma in both adults and adolescents. This concept has  developed over hundreds of years of experience and experimentation.PTSD symptoms have been recognized for centuries as an extreme reaction to trauma. 
In 1980 PTSD was officially recognized as a mental disorder when it was included in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-III) by the American Psychiatric Association.
PTSD symptoms are long in duration, subjectively painful, functionally impairing, and are often associated with alcohol/drug abuse and diminished impulse control.
    Risk & Protective Factors Related To PTSD: 
The prevalence of PTSD is determined by the presence or absence of the following risk and protective factors
The frequency of trauma in a population:
 The characteristics of the trauma experienced including it’s frequency (single vs. multiple events), severity and duration of each event, and ongoing risk of recurrence.
The preparation of the population for coping with traumatic events by understanding the nature of traumatic and post traumatic stress, techniques for coping during the trauma, and techniques for recovering after the trauma, indicators that professional help is required, and how to access treatment resources.
Individual characteristics including the level of personal resiliency previously learned coping skills, and previous successful experiences in coping with other similar traumatic experiences, and the presence or absence of addiction or mental health problems prior to the trauma.
Women Care Group101 Non Profit
Motto: A light to those living in darkness.

Women Care Group101 Awareness:

Women Care Group101 is raising awareness and seeking for support
  We hope to raise awareness to encourage our society to re-consider using violence as a means of communication as this only makes the matters worse. Governments should encourage  peace at all time and the people must respect the law of the country.
The nature of support following the trauma:
  Safe and supportive environments that encourage talking about the trauma in an accepting and non-judgmental atmosphere, and encourage a personal process of recovery lower the incidence and severity of PTSD.  Nonsupportive environments that deny the trauma, minimize its severity, criticize or judge the victim for having symptoms, and fail to encourage a personal recovery process increase the incidence and severity of PTSD.. Around 50 out of 255 showed symptoms of some disorder, which was not PTSD, but they needed medical help.
Women Care Group101 hopes to conduct an interview to victims of riot/violence Majority of those affected by riot are mostly the poor families.
The Journey  Ahead:
People have to be really sensitized for active social intervention and acceptance of these facts and the nature we should all conduct further demonstrations. People should be educated and need to know how many future generations are affected and should understand the kind of society we will end up encouraging. Women and children have suffered greatly in the past years , if we keep silent  how can our present and future be shaped.
Most misunderstood Crimes:
Most crimes committed today are children and many of these juveniles are children who have been pushed to crime or have been rendered homeless due to riots. There prolonged stay in juvenile homes due to slow process and red-tapism only adds to their problems and makes them more irritable and recalcitrant.
Religious and political riots:
It’s important to use their skill-set and give them an opportunity to smile. Such children need to be assimilated in the mainstream before it’s too late. Not only sympathy, but a lot of social will is required to make it happen.
The most important step and requirement is to end up prejudices in minds of different communities, especially among us irrespective of our religion or beliefs we must learn to live together and co-exist as one.
Note! Such imagined threats from each other is causing innocent children to suffer.
Free education Program for all:
Big Success Education Center
 The Women Care Group101 has started a movement to secure women and children worldwide and armed with experience scholars and like minded individual who want a change in our world we are positive we shall achieve high results.
Dear Reader
                                                   We Seek Volunteers
There is so much we need to do concerning the way people express their anger towards their government all over the world, why? Women and children suffer more and are often vulnerable to the violent demonstration.. I have taken my time to study the cases of victims mostly affected after each riot in all most all the recent riots that took place in the world. I have seen how severe women and women where affected. So I have decided to put this in writing maybe you will consider and spread the massage.
Ways you can help?
We seek volunteers to join and support this project and to understand the need to create a better society for our future generation come one come all and join us on our journey to freedom and more secured world.
If you support this project please donate for this project or volunteer for our teaching programs in Cambodia.
Thank you
A massage from the president and founder of Women Care Group101

Sylva Epelle.

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I was once lost and hopeless, Christ found me and saved me against all odds

We are all one and connected in love!

 Women Care Group101 founder is a Christian who believes in helping humanity with her faith in Christ. “I do not believe in passing through protocols in other to help my fellow human, I don’t care what the law says as long as I know am not breaking the law of the land. I shall help the needy irrespective of my statues, example if I happen to be driving and I see a women begging for food I will stop and try to find out the best way to keep such person off the street by using my charity to provide a means of livelihood for the beggar, I know I do not have enough power the help the whole world but I feel that what I am donating feel like a drop in the ocean but the truth is yes! it is indeed a drop in the ocean but the ocean will be one drop less because of a missing drop if we stop donating or helping the needy because we think we can’t help everyone. My mission is to save as many as possible through the love of Christ, I was once lost and hopeless Christ found me and saved me against all odds today I have decided to use my past experiences to work for Christ through my tiny contribution by means of my charity, although my charity being new and still in the early stages I hope to learn and work with experiences members who believes in the same vision of Christ love”.

 This is my believe as a Christian and I want to share it with you :
Jesus also was and is here for you, to love you, to help you, to guide you no matter your faith and problems, he is here to free you with love! Jesus is there for all those who know him as well as for all those who never heard about him.
You don’t have to be a member to partake in his blessings!
Jesus as the son of God has no religion and loves all without any discrimination at all. Jesus is the shepherd of all, bringing all home to God on his path of love. Jesus is the teacher of love for all mankind, all plants of animals – for all creation and for all eternity as long as loved and blessed by his father.
No country, no religion, no culture has a right to claim Jesus as “own” – because Jesus love includes all, from youngest baby till death and beyond of any living being. To receive Jesus love or help, there is NO need to change religion or dress in a particular way except the fact that one has to at least dress decently. Just love all and accept Jesus guidance and teachings of love. To accept Jesus as your guide home to God, there is no need to become member of a particular church or organization, nor to pay taxes or fees to any organization. The path home to God is a path of love. Love is affordable by all. To love all is the key to God. To love all also includes to share with all, to support those who help you. To protect weak ones, to share with needy ones. God is Love, Jesus purpose is to reunite all creation into one single family of love!
Communication with God takes place in your heart and soul. No need for Internet nor books. Just an open heart to pray to God:
The only “requirement” is your readiness and willingness to love, to learn to love and to practice love in truly all situations of your life

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Alas! Women Care Group101 Free Education is open!

Happy Learning

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Big success education for the poor women and children

The Women Care Group101 free education center for women and children hope to promote the personal growth and development of women in local communities irrespective of color religion or statues. The Organization will improve the overall livelihood of women by using education as a way of improving the lives of poor women the society at large. The Organization shall be teaching beginners English language and beginners writing skills, computer and other courses.

The objective is
• To establish library and reading rooms in needy communities.

• To create a healing learning centre for teenage girls about safe sex and unwanted pregnancy and abuse etc.

• To help and generate training programme for self employment of women and educated unemployed people and to work for adult education.

• To educate the people for adoption of the good norms of a good citizenship and to teach the people the benefits of ideas of national unity.

• To make women become more entrepreneurs and enterprising in whatever they do.

• To improve their livelihood

• To empower women and young women through skill training.

• To educate women to be self conscious and fully aware of their right and privileges in the society

• To help the children become future leaders

Staff and Organizational Information and achievement
We hope to achieve this through our passion to help the poor women and The Big Success Education Center for the poor! Program is based on the latest research on effective reading instruction by teaching them the entire general curriculum we hope this will increase their reading speed and comprehension, which will help them obtain classroom subject proficiency. Our teachers are voluntary teachers and passionate and dedicated teams who believe that helping the poor makes life better! They are well mannered and well organized. Women Care Group101 believes in equal opportunity for all. Our teachers are from different Nationality who has one vision to teach the poor for free!

Program Description.
The Organization will be teaching the women and children standard education through utilization of eight (8-plus General awareness issues on health, climate, abuse, sex etc..) basic courses which are English, Math, Social Studies, Science, History, and Economics and computer course.

Women Care Group101 will carry out a well disciplined program thereby women and children will be encouraged to learn basic hygiene during the course of their study. Textbooks and writing materials will be provided; there will be a minimum of two- four voluntary teachers. The learning period will begin in the morning from around 8am. There will be Short breaks that will be lasting for an hour. Overall duration of the teaching including break shall be 7 hours. Voluntary teachers shall work with each other as team.

Methods and duration
The English course shall be the first followed by math before the rest of the courses durations of each course shall be 1 hour or more, additional minutes might be added when necessary.

There will be a general meeting every last day of the month within the teaching days. Volunteers, women and children will be encouraged to participate in the meeting. All issues will be addressed at the meeting.

Standardized reading and writing tests will be conducted at the start of the Big Success Education Center for the poor! program and again at the end of the school year to determine increases in reading speed and comprehension. However teachers will be testing students occasional and will be correcting errors to encourage learning efficiency. Additionally, those students with ADD will be tested to determine increased reading attention rates.

Assignments and points
Assignments shall be giving at every last day of the week of the teaching days, the assignments will carry points and the best student shall be awarded with a good grade and gifts at the graduation. This is to encourage them to become active and take their studies more seriously.

Activities and expectancy
Expected Period to introduce improvement Test -1 Month
Expected Period to introduce Computer course – 3 Months
Expected Period to introduce debate, essay and writing skills -6 Months
Training Session for Teachers – 2weeks
Expected Period to introduce Student forum and seminar – 6 months
Test Initial Reading Speed – 3 Months
Expected Period to introduce English drama and play– 3 Months
Expected Period to Prepare Results – 3 Months
Goals & Objectives
Big Success Education Center for the poor! Project is to enable at risk students and students with learning and reading disabilities to improve their reading skills to the point where they can succeed in school and develop the reading skills that will prepare them for high school and post secondary education. Studies have shown that poor readers, who are reading at a grade level or more behind, are more likely to be disruptive in the classroom, truant from school, and at risk of dropping out of high school.

The main objectives include:
1. Providing a measurable increase in reading speed, comprehension, and reading attention span.

The objective is that the students will double their reading speed and increase their reading skills by one to two grade levels by the end of the school year.

2. Enabling poor readers to access the general curriculum through the use of assistive reading technology to scan and read their textbooks and other classroom materials.

3. Providing learning disabled students with a multi-sensory reading alternative that will help them increase their reading speed to the point they can read on their own.

4. Helping learning and reading disabled students stay in their regular classroom with their peers, so they can continue learning in a least restrictive environment.

Courses and books 

Courses: English/Math/Social studies/History/Health and general issues e.g Child abuse, teen-pregnancy, HIV-AIDS awareness.
English : Pronunciation, Speaking, writing, Spelling, History, etc..
General Courses: Child abuse, teen-pregnancy, HIV-AIDS awareness ec.

Books: American /British English books/History and Health books etc…