About us

Women uniting all over the world as one on one to fight poverty

Help us save lives..

Women Care group international non profit charity organization: WCG101 is a charity organization fighting to combat global hunger . We help the sick, Saves lives, Stop child sex, Empower old and young women and children to sustain themselves ,Feed the poor, Cloth the poor, Provide free education for children, micro loan,farming tools, youth rehabilitation in Africa, Asia, Americans and Mideast etc…..Women Care Group International was formed since 2011We  Hope to provide job to enable us employ the jobless youths by providing avenues for them to grow thus; encouraging them to be self sustainable people in the future . There are major areas which we hope to  contribute to support these individuals, we are raising funds to enable us provide lands for local farmers , seeds for planting, safe water for drinking, free medical facilities, free medication, financial support through entrepreneur lending program, free education, all this can be provided for through your kind contributions and donation..

If you wish to donate now please go to our donate page and touch a live today thank you as you do so.

World report

The world we live in  is very touching and the rate by which our world is changing is alarming millions are dying without aid and little is all it takes to  help the helpless even a dollar $1.00 can save a live. CLICK TO DONATE

( if you have a Company or small business  you can become our sponsor and we will run a free ads for your on our website.l Contact us for more info on marketing  and our up coming events)

We encourage you to contact us for more details on our projects.


President & founder

Sylva E.

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