Free education empowerment program.


           Free education empowerment program. Get involved..

 If you desireto contribute to our society, to help very poor people in little ways thatyou can, thisoffer is meant for you.  Weunderstand that after working in big cities and room with working excellentfacilities like AC and TV etc.. including computer and steady electricity isgoing to be a challenge to work in a community that lacks all of thesefacilities. But remember this challenge is for the benefit of our very poordeprived women and children who urgently need our assistance in education andotherwise, indeed this task is not an easy task at all, however it gives onethe utmost feelings of satisfaction and great pride to be a part ofsome ones dream to become a doctor, nurse, teacher etc.. Most of the childrenare really smart some of them wish to grow up and become teachers so they canalso impact in their communities. 

Our Mission
Our Mission is to establisha medium which will help us completely curb and eradicateillegal migration in women by education women on ways to survive in their homecountry thus playing a role in creating a stronger economy. Illegal ImmigrantMother And Child  is anchored with the United Nation MillenniumDevelopment Goal by promoting women rights, gender equality and empoweringwomen who are poor illegal immigrant which will contribute to achieving all theother goals, from reducing poverty and hunger to saving children’s lives,improving maternal health of illegal women and children ,ensuring freeeducation , combating illegal immigrant of  sex and drug traffickersvictimization, and ensuring environmental sustainability by providing means oflivelihood for the migrants including financial and skilled training supportthat will enable them go back home as established individuals.
Our Vision is to help fight for the rights of refugees andillegal immigrants women and children by providing assistance andby supporting them financially through skill training and educationwe hope to educate and encourage them against migrating illegally and we hopeto rescue women and children who are in danger. IIMAC focus on providing jobsthrough training workshops and eventually help them go back home to establish aself sustainable life.
                                IIMAC Nonprofit Working in Partnership WithWomen Care Group101 Nonprofit

Wcg101 a light to those living in darkness.
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