How Violence Affects Women And Children

Its time for to come together and make peace join wcg101 

Women Care Group101 Up Coming Project For 2011-2012
 Rising above the ethics of war to defend the helpless Women and Children victims, of riots and Violence Worldwide.
WCG101 Innovative strategies and plans to avoid violence-riots and support for the victims of riots/violence especially women and children Worldwide.

WCG101: Understanding Creativity, Innovation, Knowledge, Networks and Unity.
The project was undertaken as an attempt to understand the effects of riots on women and children. In my research I have noticed through a thorough research I have conducted, of the after effects riots or violence have on women and children worldwide. Riots/violence is the state whereby men and women including youths take to the streets to protest for a course/injustice, health issues, jobs , political or monetary issues etc.. However the after effects of the crimes committed during the protest against humanity and life are often ignored, and this has affected thousands of families.
The victims are mostly women and children:
 The worst victims, as always are women and children. For so many years not one riot has has happened without women and children being the ones mostly affected. Since my Study several families who lost their loved ones where never compensated. This is a wake up call for all of us to address the needs for a stabilized society and find the best way to organize a peaceful demonstration if there be need for a demonstration, as we all know who will pay the most price, our women and children of course!. 

About The Children:
The effect on tender psyche of children needs to be analyzed and understood, and constructive steps need to be taken. Imagine allowing a child watches his/her parent beaten to death what other horrible society are we encouraging?. The effect this type of trauma on a child could last for generations.
We Can Change The Way We Do Things:
We can change the way we do things for the future of our children and learn more peaceful ways to solve our problems without violence. This massage I hope shall help us think deep and find a suitable solution on how to curb riots and demonstrations by enforcing a more stronger law, self control, and deeper understanding of what our society are seeking for and creating a more peaceful and diplomatic opportunities for our leaders to come together and attend to the people’s needs without crushing them or agitating the people  including the society at large.
Are we really marching for our rights?
We the people should understand the implications of marching the streets and destroying government buildings, embassies, churches, mosques, we should all know that such act  is wrong both morally and otherwise. Naturally any government will resolve to use any means necessary to calm the onslaught but in this case we must always remember that women pay the most most price often by loosing their children or even their own life’s.  We must consider the implications on our women and future generations before we make rash decisions. The horrors I have witnessed in the past has made me decide to seek for a forum whereby we all will come and fight for peace .

I am moved and disturbed after seeing so many documentaries about victims of riots, and have wanted to seek a direct contact with the  women and children the riots had affected to understand the kind of effect riots had on them. Such effects could have impacted their thinking, their creativity, their desires and their outlook towards life. I am planning on setting up a meeting with the women and children who has been victims of street violence/ riots and get a first hand experience and observation of such effects it has on them and their children.
This is the Affects Riots/violence has On Women and Children:
Children and Women are the worst victims of any disaster, especially if it is man made. Due to them being physically weaker, they end up being soft targets of crime against humanity. The children suffer in many ways. Not only they are orphaned or physically maimed, they end up being witness to the most horrendous crimes and scenes that leaves a very deep psychic wound in them. Such wounds don’t heal easily.
 Kano Riots (1992), Jos Riots Nigerian (2010) changed the lives of thousands of children. Many of them lost their parents and relatives, and the worst aspect was that they saw them being murdered, maimed, raped and burnt before their eyes. Even a full grown adult male would be disturbed and traumatized after seeing such scenes. The effect on a tender psyche of a child is unimaginable.
The project was undertaken as an attempt to understand the effects of riots on women and children, and find ways to reach out and help the victims this requires researches millions of dollars and physical actions e.g. volunteers and physiological doctors must be employed to help us decided the best ways to cure or at least help the victims..
Previous studies and observations:
 There have been some studies, both medical and sociological, on children who were victims of the riots. Most of the children were found to be suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) which causes problems like irritability, sadness, fear, sleep disturbances, difficulties in concentrating and feelings of guilt.
  What Is PTSD In children, Adolescents And women Affected By The Riots:
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a prolonged, pathologic anxiety that may     occur following a severe trauma in both adults and adolescents. This concept has  developed over hundreds of years of experience and experimentation.PTSD symptoms have been recognized for centuries as an extreme reaction to trauma. 
In 1980 PTSD was officially recognized as a mental disorder when it was included in the third edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-III) by the American Psychiatric Association.
PTSD symptoms are long in duration, subjectively painful, functionally impairing, and are often associated with alcohol/drug abuse and diminished impulse control.
    Risk & Protective Factors Related To PTSD: 
The prevalence of PTSD is determined by the presence or absence of the following risk and protective factors
The frequency of trauma in a population:
 The characteristics of the trauma experienced including it’s frequency (single vs. multiple events), severity and duration of each event, and ongoing risk of recurrence.
The preparation of the population for coping with traumatic events by understanding the nature of traumatic and post traumatic stress, techniques for coping during the trauma, and techniques for recovering after the trauma, indicators that professional help is required, and how to access treatment resources.
Individual characteristics including the level of personal resiliency previously learned coping skills, and previous successful experiences in coping with other similar traumatic experiences, and the presence or absence of addiction or mental health problems prior to the trauma.
Women Care Group101 Non Profit
Motto: A light to those living in darkness.

Women Care Group101 Awareness:

Women Care Group101 is raising awareness and seeking for support
  We hope to raise awareness to encourage our society to re-consider using violence as a means of communication as this only makes the matters worse. Governments should encourage  peace at all time and the people must respect the law of the country.
The nature of support following the trauma:
  Safe and supportive environments that encourage talking about the trauma in an accepting and non-judgmental atmosphere, and encourage a personal process of recovery lower the incidence and severity of PTSD.  Nonsupportive environments that deny the trauma, minimize its severity, criticize or judge the victim for having symptoms, and fail to encourage a personal recovery process increase the incidence and severity of PTSD.. Around 50 out of 255 showed symptoms of some disorder, which was not PTSD, but they needed medical help.
Women Care Group101 hopes to conduct an interview to victims of riot/violence Majority of those affected by riot are mostly the poor families.
The Journey  Ahead:
People have to be really sensitized for active social intervention and acceptance of these facts and the nature we should all conduct further demonstrations. People should be educated and need to know how many future generations are affected and should understand the kind of society we will end up encouraging. Women and children have suffered greatly in the past years , if we keep silent  how can our present and future be shaped.
Most misunderstood Crimes:
Most crimes committed today are children and many of these juveniles are children who have been pushed to crime or have been rendered homeless due to riots. There prolonged stay in juvenile homes due to slow process and red-tapism only adds to their problems and makes them more irritable and recalcitrant.
Religious and political riots:
It’s important to use their skill-set and give them an opportunity to smile. Such children need to be assimilated in the mainstream before it’s too late. Not only sympathy, but a lot of social will is required to make it happen.
The most important step and requirement is to end up prejudices in minds of different communities, especially among us irrespective of our religion or beliefs we must learn to live together and co-exist as one.
Note! Such imagined threats from each other is causing innocent children to suffer.
Free education Program for all:
Big Success Education Center
 The Women Care Group101 has started a movement to secure women and children worldwide and armed with experience scholars and like minded individual who want a change in our world we are positive we shall achieve high results.
Dear Reader
                                                   We Seek Volunteers
There is so much we need to do concerning the way people express their anger towards their government all over the world, why? Women and children suffer more and are often vulnerable to the violent demonstration.. I have taken my time to study the cases of victims mostly affected after each riot in all most all the recent riots that took place in the world. I have seen how severe women and women where affected. So I have decided to put this in writing maybe you will consider and spread the massage.
Ways you can help?
We seek volunteers to join and support this project and to understand the need to create a better society for our future generation come one come all and join us on our journey to freedom and more secured world.
If you support this project please donate for this project or volunteer for our teaching programs in Cambodia.
Thank you
A massage from the president and founder of Women Care Group101

Sylva Epelle.

Wcg101 a light to those living in darkness. Copyright © 2010 Women Care Group International. All Rights Reserved.


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