I was once lost and hopeless, Christ found me and saved me against all odds

We are all one and connected in love!

 Women Care Group101 founder is a Christian who believes in helping humanity with her faith in Christ. “I do not believe in passing through protocols in other to help my fellow human, I don’t care what the law says as long as I know am not breaking the law of the land. I shall help the needy irrespective of my statues, example if I happen to be driving and I see a women begging for food I will stop and try to find out the best way to keep such person off the street by using my charity to provide a means of livelihood for the beggar, I know I do not have enough power the help the whole world but I feel that what I am donating feel like a drop in the ocean but the truth is yes! it is indeed a drop in the ocean but the ocean will be one drop less because of a missing drop if we stop donating or helping the needy because we think we can’t help everyone. My mission is to save as many as possible through the love of Christ, I was once lost and hopeless Christ found me and saved me against all odds today I have decided to use my past experiences to work for Christ through my tiny contribution by means of my charity, although my charity being new and still in the early stages I hope to learn and work with experiences members who believes in the same vision of Christ love”.

 This is my believe as a Christian and I want to share it with you :
Jesus also was and is here for you, to love you, to help you, to guide you no matter your faith and problems, he is here to free you with love! Jesus is there for all those who know him as well as for all those who never heard about him.
You don’t have to be a member to partake in his blessings!
Jesus as the son of God has no religion and loves all without any discrimination at all. Jesus is the shepherd of all, bringing all home to God on his path of love. Jesus is the teacher of love for all mankind, all plants of animals – for all creation and for all eternity as long as loved and blessed by his father.
No country, no religion, no culture has a right to claim Jesus as “own” – because Jesus love includes all, from youngest baby till death and beyond of any living being. To receive Jesus love or help, there is NO need to change religion or dress in a particular way except the fact that one has to at least dress decently. Just love all and accept Jesus guidance and teachings of love. To accept Jesus as your guide home to God, there is no need to become member of a particular church or organization, nor to pay taxes or fees to any organization. The path home to God is a path of love. Love is affordable by all. To love all is the key to God. To love all also includes to share with all, to support those who help you. To protect weak ones, to share with needy ones. God is Love, Jesus purpose is to reunite all creation into one single family of love!
Communication with God takes place in your heart and soul. No need for Internet nor books. Just an open heart to pray to God:
The only “requirement” is your readiness and willingness to love, to learn to love and to practice love in truly all situations of your life

If you wish to join me in my journey to work with and for Christ then join my fellowship meeting at our home church. Contact us for more details. If you are new in Phnom Penh tell us where you are so we may direct you to our home church. There are benefits of becoming one of our members because we believe in helping each other after all that’s our mission!

Wcg101 a light to those living in darkness. Copyright © 2010 Women Care Group International. All Rights Reserved.


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