fundraising campaign on discrimination

It is against the law to discriminate against disabled people in various areas of their lives.
Women Care Group101 is committed to work for and with the people living in various case of disability male or female alike. We have decided to create a job and learning opportunity in our charity to encourage and help disabled women and children participate in our society .We sincerely hope to make like easy and less stressful for these individuals. However we lack funds and support therefore we seek for you support and donations to enable us create a suitable learning environment including resources to enable them become self sustainable and successful people in the future. There are some important areas we hope to start in this project which involves a more detailed and careful approach as some people living with disability might need extra care to support them daily example people who cant walk will need a good wheel chair for easy movement and people without hands can learn other skills .Disability discrimination can either be direct or indirect however the case it’s wrong to discriminate as we are all equally created as wonderful citizens of the world!.
Join us lest end the discriminations on:
• sex
• race, ethnic origin or nationality
• sexual orientation
• age
• religion or belief
• married or a civil partner
• gender reassignment
• pregnant or on maternity leave.
Would you like to take action? Donate now or visit our volunteer page and apply for a fundraising team membership to join.

Women Care Group101 is a small charity standing like a candle in the wind.Wcg101 shining light represents a glimpse of hope to those living in darkness. Copyright © 2010 Women Care Group International. All Rights Reserved.


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