Come and join us as Tourist or as Volunteer

Free Education Project For Children In Poor Communities

We hope to provide a free quality educations for children in various poor communities and we are planning to erect new schools in communities that are unable to afford education for their kids in Asia/Africa


To build more schools in poor communities
To provide teaching materials for less privilege children
To discourage poor families using their children to begging as a means of survival, in place of that we will provide a training work shop and job to help them sustain themselves
To provide free food at school and school uniform cloths for the less privilege children


Our vision is to make sure no kid is denied the right to a quality education irrespective or their cultural background ,race or statue.

Come and enjoy fun with our kids join as a volunteer or as tourist, we welcome you all. You will be teaching English and arts including play and history. Your care helps them to read, write and become self sustainable adults of future generation please consider.If you choose to donate you can donate any amount for this project.

Thank you .

Women Care Group101 is a small charity standing like a candle in the wind.Wcg101 shining light represents a glimpse of hope to those living in darkness. Copyright © 2010 Women Care Group International. All Rights Reserved.


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