Their future is uncertain..




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Homeless victims


I witnessed an accident a long time ago, a bus caught fire and there was this beggar who was passing by at the time of the accident he was dressed in rags and looked like the wind will blow him away because he looked hungry and dirty. I saw men and women who were well dressed ran for safety while the victims in the bus desperately called for help, but it was the beggar who dived into the flaming bus to rescue the passengers in the bus, he died eventually from burn. He is was my  hero

We support charities that fight against Global warming

We support and help the victims of recent flood, earth quake and landslides happening      around the world today. They need us to support them reach the devastated victims on time before it’s too late.WCG101 encourage and support helpless victims who lost their home and their family members. We provide training workshop to teach teenagers about unprotected sex and help those who end up with unwanted pregnancy.WCG101 helps to support fight against child sex and child slavery.We help the victims of HIV, AIDS, TB,Malaria and Infant death, heart diseases, strokes, Breast Cancer .support our WCG101 work  Donate!.

Remember no amount is too little WCG101 is now joining to fight spread the message and donate as much as we can  we are seeking donors to help our Charity raise this targets to enable us  give help the  people who needs help and those who  fight to save  our dear beloved animals going extinct, for scientists around the world working day and night to find cure for diseases that has befallen us, for flood victims, for prisoners who fight for human rights, for illegal immigrants rotten away in a foreign land as prisoners, for women raped and abused. For victims who are forced into labor. For victims who are forced into prostitution.

Send your support because united we will do better.

Our volunteer are going out of their way to help give hope back to those who really need help, please brothers and sisters give them a chance to help those who are highly in need of help, thousands of charities today are fighting really hard to make the world a better place join them today and do something send your touch give your golden heart to those who are empty, lost, desolate, hungry, weak, dying, sick, rejected

Help them now before it’s too late!


One thought on “Their future is uncertain..

  1. Thank you for doing a marvelous job your good work is finally paying off and we are so glad to have you as our member ..We wish to share this wonderful news with you all, WCG101 members is growing and as we speak we are now 620 members under a week imagine how many members we will get under a month not to talk of in a year . so keep it up and please share your stories here to encourage others to join. if you are not on our friends list please endevour to add this page as your friend to enable us keep in touch with all of our members thank you.

    Thanks and God bless you all!


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